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808 Промоция на машина за обезкосмяване


Диодмашини за обезкосмяване can be said to be an instrument specially developed for hair removal, and it is also recognized as a hair removal instrument with a wide range of applications and good effects. 808 hair removal machines can be used for sensitive skin, lips, underarm bikini and other parts can also effectively remove hair. With the arrival of summer, more and more people are beginning to pursue beauty, and the demand for 808 hair removal machines in beauty salons and beauty clinics is also increasing.

808nm hair removal machine

За да отговори на нуждите на хората,ЯВИ company launched the summer 808 hair removal machines promotion. From August 20th to September 5th,below 808 hair removal machines of JAVY® company enjoy 10% discount.

808nm hair removal machine808nm hair removal machine 

ЯВИ 808 hair removal machines can make customer's trademark/logo according to customer's request. The configuration can be changed according to customer requirements. JAVY® 808 hair removal machines are beauty device certified by CE certificate and has European and American national standards. Our beauty instruments can be delivered to customers by various shipping methods, and can provide tax payment services if necessary.

808nm hair removal machine808nm hair removal machine 

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 808nm hair removal machine